February 18th - 21st, 2010
Show Hours: 
Thurs 12pm to 9pm
Fri. & Sat. 10am to 9pm
Sunday 10am to 6pm

Next Show - April
Dates Still to be Determined.


If... You are a Recreational Vehicle  or Parts Dealer, Non Profit organization, Campground, or Financial Institution, and would like to participate in the next Show and Sale. please
Contact us by Email...

We... Are trying to build this show into an Event that will benefit Avid Boaters and Campers within the Rochester Community....

 By... Giving you a Multi Dealer and Supplier Exhibit we will be able to offer consumers Choices Unlike the typical one Vendor RV shows Rochester has seen in the past!

Now... Doesn't it make sense that when Dealers and Suppliers compete  for your business




Multi Dealer and Vender Exhibits

Most people never realized just how affordable owning an RV really is. For instance, the average RV payment ranges between $8 and $10 dollars per $1,000. That means a $20,000 RV loan would normally cost less than $200 per month! No matter how you try…you’ll never take a family vacation for a week in Florida for as little as $2,400 much less bring along your friends and relatives. Well with the RV lifestyle, you not only can enjoy your family and friends for a week…but an entire RV season. Now let’s look at the advantages of buying at a RV show.

Statistics show that 70% of all RV's sold in the nation either consummate or at least begin at RV Shows. It’s a great time to look but even a better time to buy! There are many reasons why, but here are some of the major ones:

* Seasons Best Pricing Due To:

1. Manufacturer “Show Only” Incentives
2. “Show Only” Financing Rates
3. Dealer’s “Show Only” Promotional Pricing
4. Best chance for prior year model carry over deals

* Aggressive Trade In Values (Bring Titles and Pictures!)

* Best selection of dealer inventory as well as still having time to custom order your boat or RV…your way and have it for the start of the season.

* Your best chance as a customer to shop and compare brands “side by side”.

* Multiple dealers in competition to sell as much product as they can to secure you as a customer…no matter what it takes!

Remember…you’re not out of luck if you wait until summer, but why not take advantage of best pricing, selection, and value at the show! 


What is the RV Lifestyle?

The answers to this question is quite simple - many things! Sometimes it's the great feeling of freedom, the ability to travel where and whenever you want. Perhaps just being able to lie in bed early in the morning and listen as nature wakes up around your campsite is special. For some, relaxing around the campfire late at night and listening to fellow travelers' most recent experiences is a high priority. Then, of course, there is always being parked by that secret little lake where the fish are always biting and the sunsets are always spectacular for the photography buffs.

Traveling with like minded friends is also part of the enjoyment too, sharing those special experiences and enjoying the on-road camaraderie. It should also be pointed out that for most RV's there is no such thing as 'roughing it' these days! If you like meeting people from all walks of life, then there can be no better place than an RV park, or Campground. A quick study of any RV park late in the afternoon will reveal plenty of people sitting in their deck chairs, watching the world go by and enjoying the sunset.

What's really special about the RV lifestyle though is that it can be enjoyed by everybody -  One of the great things about RV travel is that it can be accomplished on just about any budget - anything from about $5,000 to $500,000. That price range covers everything from simple camping trailers to very sophisticated Class A  Motorhomes , price does not always determine the lifestyle - some RV'ers choose a Camping trailer because that is the way they like to travel or it's simply easier to store when they are not traveling.


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